Coaching Service

  • Structured Coaching

  • 2 One-Hour Sessions

  • Assignments

  • Performance Review

  • Email Support


Training is a skill and just like any other skill, it requires consistent practice to master.

In the training industry, it is well-known that to master a given skill, you need to engage in deliberate practice. This is the kind of practice that requires you to have goals, engage in persistent focused practice, get out of your comfort zone, measure your performance, and receive feedback on how to improve the results.

The train the trainer coaching sessions are designed to help you with this process. Knowledge is different from skill. The best way to learn to become a great trainer is by absorbing knowledge, understanding it, creating mental representations and then applying them to everyday training situations—be it instructor-led training, online training, live virtual or any other.  

This is where a systematic coaching can significantly help you with your training expertise.


  • What will be discussed during the coaching session?

    This is entirely up to you. Over the one-hour video chat session, you will be face-to-face with the coach and can discuss anything related to your training delivery and design. For example, you can discuss presentation skills, handling questions, understanding learning styles, how to keep delegates engaged and so on. This can be for instructor-led training, online training, live virtual and the like. At the end of a session you will be given assignments and actions to help you practice and address various training issues. These can then be discussed in the next session.

  • How many sessions do I get?

    The coaching package comes with two one-hour sessions as well as evaluations and e-mail support outside coaching sessions to help support you in your progress. You can purchase as many coaching packages as you need.

  • Do I need to take a train a trainer course?

    There are no requirements for the coaching sessions. However, we highly recommend you consider enrolling into our Online Train the Trainer Course presented by Dr. Ethan Honary who will also be your coach. This way you get to become familiar with all the proven techniques through a systematic online course and can then follow this course with your coaching sessions to get the most from them. This allows you to discuss various techniques presented in the course as well as your experience of applying them, so you can receive support in the areas you need the most help.


Find Solutions to Your Training Problems Through Structured Coaching Sessions